Our Values

We're experienced, reliable, and focused on results ...

We are legal experts and we love it. 

Our members have a passion for law and economics and/or technical contexts.

As experts our members have at least 4 years of relevant professional experience.

We think and act as entrepreneurs. 

 We are leaders and love to take responsibility, make decisions and actively drive forward change and progress in our organizations.

 We roll up our sleeves and solve problems in a pragmatic but correct way. 

 We make things possible and are not unreflecting obstructors or principled doubters. We offer responsible systems, processes and structures that contribute to the success of our companies; we point out risks - but at the same time offer solutions.

 We benefit from excellent education / public infrastructure and believe in the concept of pro bono and giving back to the community.

We know the purpose of our job and believe in the potential of our function - but at the same time we recognize the need for further development. 

We believe that much of what we do is ripe for disruption.

We are aware that automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain are not just buzzwords, but innovations that already do and will ever more strongly influence our daily work.

Although we do not blindly follow every hype, we strive to be technology experts and thus respected sparring partners for our organizations.

We love diversity.

We believe in international teams, because in most companies the legal topics do not stop at national borders.

We also believe that we need more female legal counsels in executive positions.

We focus on diversity because different backgrounds, origins, generations, imprints, socializations and educational paths lead to more perspectives and deeper insights.

We trust each other. 

We believe that sharing information is more beneficial to each of us than collecting information individually just for ourselves.

The sharing of valuable information can involve sensitive details. To protect this trust, we have two core rules: 

  1. The exchange of information has to be lawful and compliant with internal policies.

  2. The exchange of information in the network nonetheless has to be kept confidential: "What happens in the network stays in the network.“ 

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